Going Loopy

Today I am VERY excited because my Amazon.com order of “Wrap Snap and Go Hair Rollers” has been shipped. Yes, that’s right: I am excited about hair curlers.

This all follows on a previous incident where I went out and bought myself middle-of-the-range hair mousse (some well-known brand, can’t remember it now) and their hair spray, got out the curling tongs my grandmother gave me and attempted to make my hair wavy. Shouldn’t be that difficult, huh? I thought it should work WITHOUT the hair products, only given how quickly the curls fell out, I spent hours perusing the internet and came out with the £3.98 on hair products formula.

I was optomistic.

I washed the bloody hair, moussed it, stuck my head in the oven to dry it (who needs a hairdryer? I am creative!) and then sprayed, curled, sprayed.

It curled.

For a bit.

Obviously I know everyone has different hair and mine is “thick and fine” (sound contradictory to you? – but it actually IS), but you would’ve thought that, in addition to hair mousse, hair spray, real curlers and even drying my hair in the oven, the curls would at least have the courtesy NOT TO FALL OUT BEFORE I HAD FINISHED MY WHOLE HEAD.

Oh, but they did.

I have my hopes up with the Wrap, Snap and Go, though, because I have previously toned my nice straight hair into a shocking fuzz by putting my wet hair up into lots of tiny plaits and not taking them out until it’s dry (we’re talking about 12 hours here. I said it was thick). So, it looks like wet hair and hair spray might be enough to create goldilocks curls in medium brown. In addition, I always have the mousse. It’s also something the mysterious “people on the internet” have recommended as actually working for others who had my hair issues, so I feel it’s worth ago. Plus, a lot of the spongey things available in the UK are not going to be long enough for my hair and you have to use masses, whilst the Wrap, Snap and Go are used perpendicularly to the hair, you get 12 in a pack, and I bet I could pull it off using 3.

Still, they were a bastard to get hold of, the shipping costing twice as much as the actual product, and not being able to get the cheapest product, because it simply doesn’t want to go to the UK. These ugly leopard-printed snappy curlers are native to the US of A and apparently get quite travel sick.

However, due to the persistent googling of the fiance and my eventually crumbling and giving in to the shipping cost, I’ve bought them for £30. I damn well hope they work! Will update when they arrive.

N.B. I watched this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iM6wmkBXdg and it’s sequel.


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