Cake Attempt #5

So, having already been set in fair obsession with cake today, what with my concerns about cake Giganticness and then a post on the wedding forum I read INCLUDING PICTURES of cupcakes, I have now made cake.

Mmmm, cake.

It’s an Irish Meadow (read Bailey’s) and vanilla coffee cake.

Yes, that’s right. 😀

I am sticking it together with chocolate and Irish Meadow butter icing, and it’s come out of the oven with a beautiful consistency (I did it at 180 degrees), very spongey, very bouncy, with an almost-wrinkling “skin”. It’s just very beautiful. And the mixture was damn yummy so I anticipate the cake will be too. 😀

Hurrah! Cake!


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One response to “Cake Attempt #5

  • Jason in the Flesh

    Hi shapingpromises, I’ve been following your work for awhile now, and my fiance and I just wanted to thank you for giving us some promising ideas….That will be sure to shape our wedding! 😉 Would you have any free time to give your audience some more cake write-ups? My fiance is a little on the plus side and is such a cake enthusiast! I’m sure she (and I!) would love a category devoted entirely to cake!

    Counting down the days with you!


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