Cake of Ultimate Giganticness

After having been to a wedding fayre at the Cotswold Lodge and had a few chats with (and a few samples from) cakers, the fiance suggested he liked the look of a square-round-square-round cake tower (instead of just round and 3-tiered as we’d originally thought), especially as you can cut square into more pieces.

I’m happy to go with this. However, I have been calculating how big we needed the cakes in the layers to be in order to satisfy everyone. Since the layers will be different, we want people to be able to come back for seconds. It’s also substituting dessert, so we don’t want it to be too small.

I’m now worried that I am planning the Cake of Ultimate Giganticness.

I was thinking about starting with a 14 inch square base. We have about 90 people to feed.

And another thing, how do you cut layered cakes? Surely ripping the layers apart will result in messed up icing, even if it’s all dry before the cake gets out together. I mean, don’t most people eat from the bottom up?

(bizarreness. Total bizarreness)


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