Vintage Car Spy

So, today I have been being naughty. This is largely because reading papers is not something I do well, but I have been trying to find a vintage car which will actually transport us some distance after 7pm. I came across this beautiful Jaguar Royale Drophead, which is not only a nice car, but also in colour theme.


The dark blue and cream are a bit darker than our theme colours, which is nice because they won’t match up too closely and drown us, but they are right. I’d go for a non-theme-coloured one, but I like this better. The site I got it from seem fairly expensive :(, but from their emails they are very nice … so maybe there is a possibility of flexibility?


The fiance hasn’t approved it, but I have emailed him hundreds and thousands of links. Apparently he’s actually doing some work today…

In the meantime, I also googled for the car and enquired of another hire company based in Banbury who have the same model. Apparently there were only 85 of them made! So I have some hopes. After putting out an enquiry on the wedding forum, I’ve also tried to contact “local enthuiasts” from motoring clubs in our quest for a vintage chauffeured car! Phew!


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