365 Days

Today, it is 365 (a year, minus a day, because it’s a leap year) until we get married. Yes, you read me right. I’ve even filled in the date on the wedding forum I frequent, and there it is at the top of the page: ‘365 days to go to your wedding’.

Massive SQUEE.

I’m very excited. Yesterday Guy put down a deposit on the town hall, and we’ve been thinking about alternative venue plans, since there is no grass at the town hall, which I feel is a must. Oxford is very pretty, but everything green is generally in the colleges. Not so awesome once we have both graduated and are visiting with 100 or so friends! But hey, we have been scheming. I certainly DO want to talk to the venue about decoration. Soon.

The town hall, being lovely lovely people, have provisionally booked out the entire week between May 19th 2012 and May 26th 2012 inclusive for our £100 deposit, in case we change our minds and want more or less of what is available. You would’ve thought they would get grumpy about being “messed around”, but no, they go massively out of their way to accommodate us, for just £100. I suppose they realise if they’re nice we may decide to do more there, but they’re very well priced as it is, and Guy and I have now spoken to three people there between us, all of which have been equally amazing.

On another note, my dress has been shipped, and I find that the site I used has third party buyer protection, so the money is not released to the seller until I have received the product and clicked to say it’s okay. And the ticker is ticking down… now less than 24 hours, by which time the seller reckons my dress might’ve arrived.


I mean, crikey, that’s fast.

But I am very, very excited.

I have this niggly fear that it won’t come, or the import tax will be huge, or import tax people will withhold it for ages, or that it will be damaged or just not as nice as I supposed, but everything so far is going more positively than I expected and giving me time and protection, so really I’m probably just hugely paranoid. I showed the dress to some people in labs, and I think Phil sneakily took down the website address to show his fiance, since my dress is very, very good value – though still waiting to report fully on this!

And, tonight I shall go to the ball…


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