Gathering Up

On Monday, my dress came.

And on Wednesday (I think it was Wednesday?) my lacey parasol came. I went to collect it in the rain and by the time I met Guy on our walk home, it had come out in glorious sunshine, so I ripped open the packaging, ditched the box and rolled up the plastic cover and gave it to the fiance to hold (because it might’ve started raining again, and it needs a dust cover whilst it sits in my room for nearly a year). I then proceeded to twirl my lovely new parasol around, which was fine when we were on Broad Street (which is as the name suggests), but as we’re snaking down the main streets of Oxford, it’s getting more and more difficult to actually FIT BETWEEN THE PEOPLE with this delicate spiky thing protruding at my head level.

And I’m short.

So I had to navigate the streets holding the parasol in the air as high as I could every time we passed someone, which was often. And apparently I looked like a tour guide. Even more silly, I was dressed entirely in black, with this lacey parasol, and people were just taking their umbrellas down…!

Here’s a picture of the parasol. It’s from ASOS, and because my mum was insisting I got off-white (apparently white would look too white against off-white and entirely spoil my look – omg, this is the 20 shades of black thing!), I found this in “cream”; there are cheaper ones if you get white white or black. 🙂


Now, it may sound like I’m obsessed with parasols, and not so interested in my dress. Not true. I tried it on on Monday (after a HUGE meal) and it fits perfectly… almost too perfectly, ha ha! Then I tried it on again sneakily yesterday, whilst Guy was at Tesco, and paraded round the flat in it with sunshine streaming in on me, getting a feel for it and seeing how it sat with heels and matched my hat and my parasol.

Oh, and by the way… HAT

Bought in a real shop - Debenhams!

(which came in a simply GIGANTIC octagonal pink hat box. I tried to convince the fiance on the phone really how BIG it was, but he was still shocked when he saw it)

No, the real problem is, I can’t put up a picture of the dress because the fiance reads my blog, and it bounces up on my facebook feed, and bascially it’s just too risky.

I’m not ridiculous, I can hardly hide the colour of the dress, or indeed this massive dress itself, from him, but I don’t want him to see ME in it yet. So here is a picture of the dress I ordered… Remember, mine is ROYAL BLUE and CUSTOM SIZED with NO BEADING (just the lace, in ivory).

“Slim line gown with sweetheart neckline and zipper over inner corset with crystal button closure. This form-fitting style features Vogue Satin asymmetrically ruched throughout the waist and a fluted drape cascading from the side hip. Elegant embellished lace motifs trim the plunging neckline and introduce the gathered train.”

I know it’s small. I don’t know how to do anything about that.

I’d recommend They’re great. They have good buyer protection, the goods arrived fast, were made fast, are in good condition (though the button tops keep popping off, actually! They need some Glue). The seller spoke okay English, put in extra bits of lace for me, et cetera, and listened to my crazy alterations. No import tax (yay!). No idea why, though…

And so, £101 for a wedding dress. 😀


But no, you can’t have a real picture. Mwahahahaha.


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