Yesterday I had a makeup “consultation”, i.e. a free trial where they sent me away with one blue eye and one yellow eye – and not because I had been beaten up.

My makeup artist was called Donald.

I went to a Max Factor stall in Boots and got chatting, asked about long-lasting lipsticks. I tried on their Lipfinity range, and they really do last even after several hours eating/drinking/kissing. That’s even without the gloss coat which (when I originally chatted and tried one on) definitely made a difference to the lasting effect.

This morning I took a nail file to the back of my hand to remove the dabs of samples. I mean, this shit is reeeeal.

Anyway, here is a list of makeup brands I tried and failed in any way to be long lasting (all of them came off after 2 of the following: drinks, kisses, sandwich):

Yves Saint Laurent, Rouge pur Couture
Sheisa “industrial strength” Lipstick
Lancome Oaris Longwear and Radiance
Clarins Long Lasting Lipstick


There were more, but I have thrown away my notes upon them in disgust. Anyway, FINALLY found one I can reply upon, although it doesn’t plump your lips up as much as normal lipstick, so I will need to find a lipliner with good colour match (Max Factor fail) to do underneath.

I also had a fairly humiliating trial, where this large black man tried to show me how to put on makeup without looking like a toddler who’d been at the strawberry jam. And I consider myself artistic…! In any case, I did learn, and he did put some foundation on me, though it was very light and made my skin look radiant. But later, when I leant on it, my face was sticky! So I will consider getting some of that for highlights only, or getting some other similarly coloured thing (because he matched my skin tone pretty well, and it turns out I want the lightest of the range…!)

Phew. Anyway, went online and bought a waterproof brown mascara from them and Lipfinity 160 for £9.48 (www.salis.co.uk), normal retail price for Lipfinity is £10.99.

Smiley Bride.


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