The Whole House Saga

So, in the middle of planning our wedding, finishing my degree and transferring the Fiance onto a permanent working contract, we have been house hunting.

And this is important, because it will be our first marital home.

Our original attempt was a flat failure. We went over to Birmingham and stayed at a friend’s, having set up three viewings and been promised by another agent that we could view two houses they had on the same road. So, 10am on Saturday morning, half an hour before our first viewing, the agent rings and says sorry, the landlord won’t allow pets, and cancels.

Thus, having set out in the wrong direction we have to about heel to meet our second appointment, 40mins-1hr walk away. We arrive early and wait. And wait. And wait. The agent does not answer their phone. The agent with two houses nearby also does not answer their phone, so we can’t set up viewings with them either. We then, having waited late to see if the agent turns up, hurry on to our third viewing. We are going to be late so I phone the landlord (who is showing us round). He has left because we are a little late and refuses to come back.

So, at this stage we tried to call as many agents as we could see signs up for, but it’s a hot Saturday and they are all chockablock. So we went to the pub. All afternoon.

Anyway, last week I spent hours on the phone to more estate agents (the houses have a turnover of about 1-2 weeks, eek!) and emailed PhD students who said they would help with housing questions, et cetera. Eventually I managed to set up some viewings, and on Saturday we went over again… and it worked!

We saw 5 properties, and made a decision. Now, since then we have been spending days trying to find out whether a cat flap is permissible in one, only to find it isn’t. So we turned to our second choice property to discover that the landlord has given up on the first agent and moved to another… and we had top chase them.

On the second day, we found the new agent and called them. The rent pcm had gone down! But the agents wanted us to pay the holding fee before they sent us paper work because of outsourcing this side of the business. …Dodgy. If it wasn’t was tracing the address from the first agent we’d’ve backed off, but the Fiance did some investigative nosing and decided they are legit. We paid the holding deposit this morning, the house has been taken off the market and we have the paperwork safely in our in-boxes. Now to worry about appliances, furniture and moving dates… shame we’re doing all this BEFORE the wedding, but freecycle Birmingham is heaving… mwahahaha!


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