Suppliers from Scratch

We’ve been working with Lamb. They are friendly, compromising and their food looks great. But maybe not that comprmising. We asked them to try and find ways to reduce the price (e.g. by cutting some service, et cetera)… and it crept UP.

Since it’s now nearly twice what we wanted to pay, we decided to have another look for Oxford caterers from scratch. We’d been tipped off that smaller caterers will have lower prices (though they are harder to find out about), so we started hunting through lists to find more obscure ones.

In the end 4 caterers got back to us, but only two were really interested in helping us and giving us a low price, and sent us menus tp peruse. We asked for quotes. One of them was even higher than Lamb!

However, the other was lower than the Lamb quote, and, unlike the others, was INC VAT!

We have a WINNER.

We haven’t booked them yet, so I won’t link you to them, but here is a little taster…

I have given some thought to your main course requirements and have listed a few suggestions that you may like to consider or that may spark some ideas with you.

Butternut squash and sweet potato Tagine with dried fruits, honey and Moroccan spices
Lamb strips or Chicken Fillet Tagine with similar fruits and spices.
Served with a timbale of tomato scented cous-cous and a selection of steamed vegetables.

Slow cooked British Beef Steak in Red Wine with a hint of horseradish
Or a Pastiche of baby Roots braised in Burgundy
Both served under a herb scone
With a selection of potatoes and seasonal vegetables

Turkey Cranberry and Brie Wellington
Or Portobello mushroom cranberry and Brie wellington
Both served on a bed of wilted spinach
With minted new potatoes and steamed garden vegetables

Old Town Smokie
Salmon, smoked haddock and tiger prawns cooked in a creamy cheese sauce
topped with golden sliced potato
Or broccoli, courgette and almond bake topped with golden sliced potato
Served with ratatouille stuffed tomatoes and glazed chantenay carrots

This list is by no means exhaustive or exclusive if you are happy with the price and would like to go ahead and decide on your choices a little closer to the date please let me know and we can put the booking into the diary.
I do hope that we can share your special day with you and look forward to hearing from you.


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