A Treasure Trove

For £3, from a little shop on the Harborne High Street, which the Fiance loveably refers to as a “Woo-Woo Shop”, we bought this little ring box.


Okay, so it’s not supposed to be a ring box. Jesus only knows what it was intended for, other than looking pretty, but it’s cheap, small enough to be convenient and not so small it will get lost, with room for both rings!

Inside it was entirely empty, and completely plain, but I saw that as an opportunity! We have plenty of leftover ivory satin, and some blue satin from the train of my dress, which I had conveniently lopped off. I also save all the pretty jewellery boxes I receive things in in case I make jewellery and want to give it as a present, so I had a rummage through these and found some foam which I cut to the right size to fit inside the box, with two slits for the rings to sit in it. The foam was covered with black felt, but I couldn’t resist carefully folding some royal blue satin over it, using my engagement ring to press it into the grooves so that the two rings could nestle comfortably, side by side.

I also put a bit of the ivory satin in the lid because, well, it’s pretty. And tucked in an organza rose. Maybe we can put our names in it as well?

Everything was tucked into place, but I used a bit of double sided sticky tape (which I am now discovering the wonders of – this is why they used it on Blue Peter so much! – to secure the satin in the lid, which is wrapped round a piece of card. Actually, the card is the back of the place name for me at a friend’s wedding, so I’m hoping it will bring luck (come on, everybody says that kind of thing now and then, don’t they? Nothing about it being the first piece of appropriate card to hand… *looks shifty*).

And here is the finished product!:


Oooh, and just one more picture… with my engagement ring nestled comfortably in one of the grooves.



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