Remaining Sane

Remaining sane is a tricky problem when planning some large event on a timescale, especially when money does not flow through the fingers. I’ve been finding various ways to keep everything organised, keep track of the budget, find out if there’s anywhere to cut corners, et cetera (artificial flowers to decorate the reception room? Hmmm… not necessary!). So here are some of the things I have been doing.

Lists! Lists! Lists!

I now have a month by month plan of what needs to be done, up to two months before the wedding (when I will remake lists, depending on what there is now to do, what hasn’t been done, et cetera).

To do this, I had first to make a list of things to do, divide them into important and less important things (e.g. expensive vs homemade things) and decide when everything had to be done for, how long it would take, and whether anything was dependent on other things! Yeah, I think I used up about 3 pieces of paper just on planning my list!

I’ve put our guest list provisional and budget planner up on as well, which appears to be Irish, and through which I’ve come into contact with a very nice man running a small jewellery business local to where I live now and where I’m getting married! The convenience! Anyway… I’ll allow you to hunt him down yourselves!


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