Sorry, HOW much…?

As I have been idly perusing online, I’ve come across several blogs and sites which give you a budget breakdown of general wedding costs. Some of them defend their numbers by explaining that these are the average quotations you will get from suppliers, et cetera, but they still leave me gasping. They are also in total disagreement with each other about what kinds of numbers are appropriate/common for which things.

Here’s just a little example with some numbers I took off two sites, Rock’n’Roll Bride and WeddingFace. The WeddingFace numbers are a little weird because it’s an Irish site and I have been translating out of Euros. I assume I’m allowed to reblog this kind of content, but if I’m not, someone tell me and I’ll make it anonymous!

Wow! So for my wedding, with 100 guests working number, no bridesmaids to dress or make up, R’n’R Bride reckons I should be spending £10,050-£17,200 and my groom is attending naked (which hey, I might not have too much of a problem with). WeddingFace, meanwhile, calculate a whopping £18,215 for my supposed budget, and apparently this will be the music/entertainment extravaganza of the century.

Our own estimate of £8,175 seems pretty modest, although we don’t know what we’re spending on the honeymoon yet (neither do R ‘n’ R Bride), and actually, on closer scrutiny some rather important details have been left out (AHEM registrar fees).

I mean, let’s talk jewellery, giving notice, suit hire for the men (lots of naked men at the wedding?), room decorations and (for those insane enough) chair covers, aisle runners, rights to certain music! The list goes on. Our little £3 ring box isn’t on there for sure, and these things add up. I have a hat, a parasol and a handbag. What about SHOES? Some women spend about £300 on shoes and never wear them again because they’re a silly colour.

Okay, so the gist is, ignore what everybody says.

And keep VERY, VERY good lists. Everywhere.


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