A Little History

One of the Lovely Ladies from a facebook group posted a “getting to know you” thread – you know the kind of thing: it’s a set of questions you’re supposed to answer or categories to supply. And because the Lovely Ladies are all affianced, it’s about weddings. Naturally, being me, I went totally overboard and wrote far too much for all of them. But I won’t bore you with the details. Here are a couple of my favourite sections…

We met at Somerville College, where we both did our undergraduates. Originally we met whilst both volunteering to help out with the college interviews. He decided to make friends with me and so perloined my attention and told me a very long and complicated story he and a crazy Greek had made up called “Zombies in Somerville”, most of the cast of whom I did not know!

He swept me off my feet a few days later – we crossed on the stairs taking candiddates to their respective interviews, and he thought it would be amusing to pick me up and run off with me! Hee hee.

We were friends for 2 and 1/2 years, and got together after consuming a whole box of red wine over the course of an evening.

A week after we started dating, he rolled over in bed and told me he loved me. And for some reason, this seemed so big that I started shaking. I shook so much all over that it was a while before I could speak to tell him that I loved him too.

My favourite thing about the Fiance is how he always supports me, looks after me and cares for me when I need his support, even if I am being selfish or irrational, he will look after me and help me calm down and help me solve the problem and come to a good decision about what to do over it. He’s amazing. *soppy smile*

Most annoying thing about the Fiance. That he refuses to wear a sword to the wedding.

The proposal came entirely out of the blue. We had gone for a picnic together. He bought a bottle of fizzy wine; I bought some strawberries, profiteroles and cheesy crackers and made my amazing chocolate sauce in Henry (my measuring jug), then we went out to the university parks, sat down on a towel, fed ourselves and watched a film. Afterwards we were getting all cosy and talking to each other about how we felt, when the Fiance suddenly broke off his monologue to say, “- In fact, will you marry me?”
Unsurprisingly my first response was, “Are you serious?”
But he was. And so was I. 🙂

And by the time we finished talking, we found the park had closed and we had to climb out!

The Fiance reckons the stupidest comment on the wedding was “probably your mum, saying we only need to invite 30 people”. The total number of family members, godparents and family friends (including us) is 31… which doesn’t even include the wedding party!

The thing I am really looking forward to is calling the Fiance my Husband after the wedding. Not even necessarily to other people, just to him.


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