“This is for a Wedding, Of Course?”

So, having slaved away at the design, the proof, and made and sent one invitation to ourselves to ensure the postage would be okay, we finally made the lot of them.

The Fiance was my cutting bitch, and he did a very good job (he was a lot neater than I would have been) cutting and trimming everything. We didn’t use the deckle-edged scissors around the invitations in the end, because we decided they looked prettier like this (but they were used on some other things, and only cost £3.15 anyway, so no loss).




I made the pocketfolds (so I did do a little cutting…) and between me, D, K and several others who got roped in, we now have 699 of these little cranes! Most of them are royal blue, but the grey ones got stuck to the invitation.


And all put together:


By the end of it, we made 72 of these invitations, including the one to ourselves, and specially edited one for my mum (so she wasn’t inviting herself):


Then we went to the post office and asked for 2 European stamps, 7 “rest of world” stamps, and 60 second class stamps. The Fiance said he’d never bought so many stamps before in his life! And then, after we had weighed all the invitations and bought our stamps, the lady at the post office leant across and said, “This is for a wedding, of course.” For some reason, this excited me so much, that she had looked at our pretty invitations with our wax seal on the back (more about that in the next blog post) and this young man and woman, excitedly 81 stamps for all around the world – and known. I just loved that.



And today, several people have received their invitations!


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