How to Make Your Own Wax Seal

This is something we decided to do a while ago, to make our invitations prettier. We considered various DIY ideas – tin, plaster, styrofoam, but in the end couldn’t find something which worked. We were going to have a design printed and pay ~ £30 for a seal, but the resolution of the image had to be very high and it was tricky and time consuming to make.

Then we found this tutorial:

(this picture is from the website linked above)

Following it through, we bought a wood burning tool with several nibs for £9.83 including p&p from Amazon and had a play around with it.
We quickly realised it wouldn’t do detail very well, so I simplified our design a bit and we had some practices and eventually carved our design (across two sessions… it was very tiring!) onto a piece of wood. I then cut out the piece of wood from the plank it was part of and sanded down the edges (we didn’t use a piece of dowel like the tutorial because we didn’t have any, but did have other wood lying about). I varnished it with light varnish, and then we superglued it to a simple stamp handle (Home Bargains, 99p, original reads “I love beer” and comes with a red ink pad!).

The Fiance purchased two dark blue natural beeswax candles (and we had some clear beeswax in already in case we ran out) and we lit the candles and used them to drip wax onto the envelopes before stamping it. I also oiled the stamp lightly before stamping, using a pastry brush and ordinary kitchen oil.

Here’s our wax stamping kit:

The giant lighter was a Christmas gift to the Fiance from me, though I’ve now used it more than him… for all this stamping!

One the seal was stamped, we had to leave it to dry before carefully peeling it off. The weight of the thing was enough to hold it in place – look: I could even raise up the envelope by the handle of the stamp stuck to the wax!

The finished seals were better/worse depending on how big the stamped wax pool was (and hoe fitted to the shape of the stamp) and whether or not I accidentally turned it sideways (… which I did once or twice!). But in general, the finished products were pretty good, and all of them showed the G&R if not all of the design.


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