I wanted to share this photo I’ve discovered of Kellie Barb Heard and her husband on their wedding day. Kellie wore the traditional white wedding dress with a wide princessy skirt made up of lots and lots of layers (feeling any premonition that something is going to happen yet…?). It certainly produced the wow factor – and not only that!


Kellie explains the photo:

“Just had to share one of my favorite funny photos from our day… It’s being made in to a huge canvas as we speak; it just makes me laugh everytime I look at it… It was done at about 7pm at night: I was out side having some photos and my lovely hubby snouck up behind me and pushed me over and ran away!!! Our fab photographer captured it and while on honeymoon texted it to me – it really made us laugh!

…It was hilarious. Its so me and my hubby. There is another piccie of what happened afterwards as I screamed ‘Get me up’, he came to my rescue, and I pulled him down, mwahahahaha…! May sound silly, but yes we had the fairy tale venue and a big white wedding but for all the traditional stuff we didn’t loose our personalities on the day we just enjoyed our selves and were us… Which I thinks important as sometime brides and grooms actually don’t spend anytime together on the day xx”

I think Kellie’s said it all. All I can add is, I love this photo – the way it brings out the groom’s naughtiness and the impracticality of a big wedding dress! This wonderful contrast between the fairy tale and the true lighthearted fun of love makes the picture special.


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