The Black Arts of the Wedding Industry

I recently came across this post about weddings, and I have to say the critical review is excellent – not only her, but other wedding suppliers have had similar rants.

I think the article really speaks for itself – but I’d like you to read it, just to have a think. The wedding industry is, naturally, a clawing, grasping, conning bitchfest. This is probably why it’s pink.

On the other hand, I’m a little dubious about some of her fix it points. I wonder why she included them? To give the article a more positive, contructive feel? Perhaps.

Some of the points, like involving men in the wedding planning business, seem unnecessary. I hope everyone does this – or at least tries to! Isn’t cooperation and compromise crucial at this point in the relationship, if no other? Further, the author continually seems unable to make up her mind how conventional/unconventional a wedding “should” be, with varying points about not following rules, and how it’s okay to have a traditional wedding. There’s also so much helpful advice pertaining to contracts and how they work, suppliers who threaten court action to have genuine reviews removed from genuine wedding websites (naming no names) – which the author of this article entirely bypasses. Why scare people and then offer half-hearted advice on shoddy outcomes? However diligent, some people will make mistakes and get conned or bullied into buying things they don’t want or aren’t good enough.

Now, I’ve not read any wedding magazines, but does this review really surprise anyone? Don’t brides buy them for the mere fuzzy pleasure of buying a wedding magazine when planning their upcoming wedding? How are teenage or fashion magazines any different? They’re not. This isn’t just wedding magazines. It’s magazines.

There’s also some factual error in the statement that wedding fayres aren’t bothered about couples as they don’t pay unless they purchase a service. Not true. Not long ago, someone was advertising tickets to the Birmingham wedding show, which they were selling off cheap because they couldn’t go – for £40 a pop. WHAT??? I’m sorry, but I’d rather have that extra one wedding guest.


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