Binding Together

I did a bit more towards making our guest book this weekend. Here are the things I used:

A decorated book cover
13 sheets of hammered ivory paper
Some PVA glue
Some photographs
Some blue silk cross stitching thread
Two slim crochet hooks
Some sellotape
A pair of scissors

The guest book is now all but complete. Previously, I posted a picture of the newly decorated corver, but this weekend I worked at making the inside pages pretty.

We printed off the title “Guest Book” (font = English) and glued it to the front using standard PVA. On the inside cover, I glued a single sheet of the hammered ivory paper across so that you couldn’t see where I’d folded in and double-sided-sticky-taped on the ivory satin. This piece of paper went a bit wrinkly because of the PVA, but generally looked okay.

Using some of the spare hammered ivory paper, I folded it up into three wads of four halved sheets of paper (making sixteen “pages” per wad) and we stuck in our photographs. I thought it would be more secure to bind three wads of pages to the book than one massive one.

To bind the wads in, I opened a wad up in the middle and ran a piece of pretty blue silk cross-stitching thread across it and then down between the inner spine and the book cover, so that they were looped together.

I pulled this tight and went and round again – this time down the middle of a second wad. After the third wad, I tied off the ends of the thread very tightly, cut it from the roll and trimmed the ends off.

You’re probably wondering about the crochet hooks.

Due to the ribbon I’d double-sided sticky taped (that stuff is amazing, I swear…) down the spine to mark the pages, feeding a piece of thread down the spine was not easy: it was pretty full of material. My initial idea was to get my wool needle, knot the thread to it and drop this down, but I couldn’t find my wool needle, and I think this method was more reliable anyway.

Using some sellotape, I bound the two back ends of the crochet hooks together, being careful not to wad the sellotape out too thickly so it would still go down the spine. If you have a longer crochet hook or a shorter book, one hook and no sellotape will probably do!

My hook was quite a bit longer than my books, which was handy for getting a good grip on it.

To use it for threading down the spine, I inserted it at one end (the end without the ribbon) and gently shoved it up until the nose poked out the top. Here I knotted a small loop in the end of my thread (this got cut off in the final trimming) hooked it over the crochet hook and pulled the tool back through the book until it and the thread it had carried appeared at the other end and I pulled the thread taut.

I was pretty pleased with the result, the pages are secure, and although I didn’t put many in, they were significantly padded out by the photographs. I hand wrote onto the pages to ask the guests to leave messages. I could have printed this, but I wanted a handwritten effect inside – especially as the book is for writing on!!!


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One response to “Binding Together

  • bibliopirate

    That’s very cool. I’m looking into getting in to bookbinding, and will hopefully be able to make our guest book when I get married.
    I have no idea what resources are best for learning how though.

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