What’s on the Menu?


I’ve talked a lot about food recently. I do that. Most of the time, actually. Whether it’s what we’re having for dinner, what we’re going to get in, what we’re doing for a special occasion, or just plain recipe swapping, I talk and write about food pretty constantly.

So I sat down and wrote out our wedding breakfast menu (not just on here, but in English and Corbel fonts with very precise formatting) and printed it out onto the hammered ivory paper to then glue into our menu books using PVA glue.

The menus are also our table names: I recovered some to-be-thrown-away hardbacks from a library, stripped off the spines, and then we painted them royal blue by mixing together acrylic paints and using chubby brushes. We then named the 10 tables (or 9 and a cake table) after 10 Oxford pubs we’re rather keen on:

The Rusty Bicycle (Bike)
The Gloucester Arms (Glouc)
The Bear
The Chequers
The Turf Tavern
The Royal Oak (Roak)
The Old Bookbinders (Bookies)
The Gardener’s Arms (not the one also known as Pub of Misery)
The Jude and the Jericho (afterall, who can remember which was which?)
The Eagle and Child (Bird and Baby)


I won’t show you the covers in glorious detail, but basically I took a picture of each, photoshopped it prettily into some artistic effect, and then printed them out on photo paper to stick onto the hammered ivory.


On the backs, the Fiance wrote a few interesting facts out to entertain our guests and a solid beer or cider recommendation, because yes, we remember that kind of thing.


And obviously between the pages we have the charming menu provided for us by Cathy from Wrightons, and details of the scrumptious cake we’re making ourselves.



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