The media is filled with things to make you happy on your wedding day. You know what I mean – sweetie bars, vintage cars, “Just Married” boards and every imaginable kind of decorative crap. Some of it is sensible, some of it is insane, and some of it is just confusing to work out in the first place. But it’s all there to make your day perfect, to make you HAPPY.

You know what would make me happy? If my guests RSVPed.

Well, our RSVP date has passed. That was yesterday, Valentine’s. I thought it might make it easier for people to remember!

We have had a lot of RSVPs – some regrets, and plenty of acceptances. Obviously some people can’t come, or would find it tricky to come, and we respect that, it’s a pity they can’t make it, but it’s also understandable. They don’t really need an excuse. Other people’s lives are happening.

We have had RSVPs from a family who had a bereavement, and an RSVP from a couple who only got their invitation a couple of days before the deadline – due to a mistake in the address! – and an RSVP from a guest who was rushed to hospital and is still convalescing.

So the rest have until tomorrow for grace (two postal days, in case they suddenly remember, dig the RSVP out of it’s pile and start scribbling with that immortal tea-spilling cry of “OH SHIT.”) – and after that they’re in trouble. It is not our responsibility to make up for their rudeness and incompetence.

The instructions are quite clear, an RSVP slip and address are provided. And the idea of being too busy to give 5 minutes in 6 weeks is frankly not believable. Of course, because we’re asking so early, a lot of people haven’t got confirmation on examination timetables and such forth, but I wish they’d just let us know their dilemma! We can work around it if we know what they’re thinking.

On the morning of the 14th, 29 guests hadn’t RSVPed. By the end of the day, it was down to 20, and now, if I press ‘refresh’ on my browser… Yes, we’re down to 18.

These people clearly know they’re being naughty. And apparently some of them are a bit afraid.


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