Lend Me Your Ears

I’m kind of excited today because we’re going to see “our” jeweller. I found this man through weddingface.com, and strangely he, like us and our wedding, is based in Birmingham and Oxfordshire.

I’d been having trouble finding affordable earring I really liked… I really wanted a pair which went with my ring, and I want drops, not studs. I wear earrings all the time, including giant paperclip ones, can pull earrings, beaded safety-pin earrings and so on, but mostly I wear simple drop earrings, and those are what I like. Again, this became part of my struggle to Look Nice yet Be Myself with respect to the wedding, and I was giving up on anything until I found these from geraldineonline.com:


And this picture is the closest thing I can find to what my (H Samuels) ring looks like:


The earrings are diamond (rather than cubic zirconia), and the same carot white gold as my engagement ring and our wedding bands.

But they’re studs.

So Gavin is making them into drops for me (he thought this would be easier than making the earrings himself from scratch). However, we also wanted someone to do some ring engravings for us, especially tricky as we wanted freehand engravings.

We have our wedding bands already. We were walking down the Moor in Sheffield on a visit to my mum, and walked past HPJ jewellers, who were closing down. They had a half price sale, so we popped in – and walked away ¬£85 worse off, with two wedding rings to show for it! Given that we just wanted plain bands in 9ct white gold, we weren’t that fussy, and the Fiance’s ring is too big… but that’s where Gavin Mack comes in. He’s going to resize the Fiance’s ring for us, and *fingers crossed* can do the engraving. It’s tricky, you see, as we want non-Roman characters.

Something like this:


Our rings:


Of course, even if Gavin can’t do the engraving, I’ll recommend him. He’s sorted out my jewellery problem and given us invaluable advice about what to look for on wedding bands, et cetera, which is a service we don’t pay for. Some suppliers are difficult to communicate with, hard to get hold of, and obstinate when you do, but even though he struggles with email, Gavin is good at replying, easy to talk to, and all in all definitely gold standard.

I will report back after our meeting !


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