Part of the Party

I used the opportunity of being home whilst it is still light to take some photographs of the things we’ve bought for our wedding party. …Or made.

We’re not having bridesmaids and we’re not kitting them out from head to toe. The men are asked to wear suits, and we’re providing waistcoats and ties. The women are given scarves and long gloves to accessories their outfits with. All in our colours, of course!

There are also handkerchiefs, which I made – ivory for the ushers and me, blue for the groom, best woman and best man. I’ll write a separate post on making these!

Using some transparent bags which were packaging for some of the items we’ve bought for the wedding, I packed up the stuff for each individual and labelled them nicely. I’ve only just been able to do this because the pashmina scarves arrived yesterday. When we have finished their instructions and information packs for the day, these papers will be slipped inside as well.

For the two male ushers, we have blue satin ties to match the groom’s, and these dark grey pinstriped waistcoats:

The best man’s waistcoat is similar, but a little different: it’s also striped, but black and the stripes are thinner and less noticeable. We bought all the waistcoats in the Next Clearance Store, where they were reduced from £45 to £5 each! This did, however, mean we had a limited choice and given the boys’ sizes and our preference for the waistcoats, we couldn’t get a matching set of three – so decided to put the best man in the Fiance’s favourite waistcoat, of which there was only one, rather than put one of them on a diet by threat of squashing!

We kept all the ties in their shiny packaging to protect them from the world until they’re needed.

Whilst I was obsessively photographing waistcoats and packaging up bundles of clothing and accessories, Iris decided to have some fun with the Next bag.

…Which I take to be her seal of approval.

The women ushers (we haven’t sorted out anything for the best woman – only the handkerchief – but this is the Fiance’s responsibility, so I let it rest here!) have satiny gloves and pashminas – one in blue, one in ivory, due to what they thought would go with their dresses! However, I mismatched them for the photographs so that they would stand out better.


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