What is in a Name?


Our cork collection is underway, and I spent some time the other day printing names in size 14 English font and cutting them out into 3 x 8 cm rectangles, then mounting them onto 4 x 9 cm pieces of blue card – the same hammered surface kind as we used in the invites. I used pritt stick – a cheap kind I bought in Home Bargains and turned out to be much better than the usual stuff in that it actually stuck down without forming blobs or sticking the work pieces to the desk. Success! Victory! Hurrah!

We haven’t finished them, mostly because of a few people who haven’t managed to RSVP, or over whom there are various confusions, but all in all, I have about 60-odd of these things:


To slip the place names into the cork, all I did was stand the cork on its most stable side and use a small hacksaw to cut half a centimetre depth. They are then simple to assemble.



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