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I know I’ve posted about my/our jewellery before, but why not do it one more time? I have an update… and photographs!

Wedsnesday was a very good day, and we managed to tick a few wedding chores off our list, as well as enjoying ourselves with a meal out with the Fiance’s dad in an Indian restaurant. His dad even brought us some corks for our collection!

One of the main adventures was over to the jewellery quarter to meet Gavin Mack, a Birmingham and Banbury-based jeweller (convenient for us!) who works for 9 jewellery shops in a little workshop along a narrow corridor and up some stairs above a cafe. All the chairs are very low, so that he can stoop over his work bench without getting back ache.

He’s part of a group of 3, who all do different bits of work for these shops – and are not really that together with the online world, so I thought I’d help them along with a review. Afterall, we found Gavin friendly, accommodating and good at his work – although perhaps a little tricky to locate, with only a small plaque with his name on to mark the right door.

I found Gavin as a recommended supplier on weddingface.com (which I am using to host my guest list and budget calculator), but he’s mostly turned up through guidesforbrides.co.uk, where he’s listed under Banbury.

We wanted him for two things – my earrings, and our wedding rings.

My problem with the earrings was wanting something which went with the engagement ring, but it had to be dangly. The number of sites I have trawled through on google searches something of the like, “trillogy earrings, drop, white gold” is immense. I’d’ve been happy with silver and zirconia, but am pretty smug to have diamonds and 9ct white gold – just like the ring.

I’ve finally managed to take some decent close-ups of my engagement ring, so take a nosey!



It also has this cute wiggly metal shaping down the side:


Eventually, I found the earrings I was looking for on geraldineonline.com, a jeweller who ships from China, but they were studs, so I looked into having them made into drops at a reasonable price – which is where Gavin comes in. He recommended adapting these existing earrings rather than making some himself, as it would be a lot cheaper for me, especially given the work it would take to source the diamonds. They are made with machine, which means they’re incredibly delicate compared to what could be made by hand. He didn’t, however, have any trouble transforming them into drops – I think he said it would take him half an hour!

Here is one of my beautiful earrings:


I’m so pleased with them! *Cue feminine gushing*

The engraver he works with is apparently the only hand-engraver in Birmingham, so we were lucky there too. He didn’t bat an eyelid at our unusual script, and without further ado, Gavin resized the Fiance’s ring (I asked him to size it for us, as we’d found 3 size differences between shops! – ouch!) and the engraver scratched “Love for you eternal” (rough translation) in Epidict inside the bands.

Here they are! Mine:




The message (and engraver’s mark – at the end is ‘R’ on his, ‘G’ (or the closest Epidict has to a ‘G’) on mine):



It’s a truly beautiful script – written as though Epidict with it’s constant joining is totally natural to the maker. I’m astonished how smooth it looks. Our old cat, Rupert, used to have a hand-engraved name tag, and the script on that was twice as large as this, in Roman characters, and no smoother nor more natural. This is WOW.

So, yeah, I reckon I’m satisfied…!


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