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I’ve finished a draft of our ‘Orders of Celebration’ (we wanted Orders of Day rather than Orders of Ceremony, but I think ‘Order of Day’ sounds German, and the Fiance thinks it sounds military, so we made up a name of our own. I also like considering the day a celebration – it’s basically admitting that the day is a party bignormous, without making it sound cheap or insincere).


In the final version, the paper will be hammered ivory like the invitations/place names/menus/other stationery bits, rather than white. The ribbon on this example isn’t atcually stuck on, what with it being a draft and all that, but I’ll probably just apply a blob of glue or a little double-sided sticky tape to the ribbon on the back before it’s threaded through the slit.

I used English font for the title and small caps Corbel for the main body, with selective use of sizes 11 to 8.5 and occasional bold. I think the picture is just small enough that you can’t read people’s names! A few details need to be checked, and maybe we’ll add more names if we can, but it’s basically okay to print (2 per page; we’ll need 40 of them for one every other seat – thus 20 sheets of paper – I was going to do 1/3 sheets of paper size, but simply had too much to say!).


If you want to do something like this yourself, here’s a tip for the tip: use wax. Having cut the swallowtail carefully I really didn’t want it to fray, so I melted some wax using a lighter, allowing it to drip onto a piece of scrap paper. Very quickly, whilst the wax was still wet, I dipped the edges of the ribbon in to seal the loose threads. I had to do this a few times as turning the ribbon to get wax right up to the centre of the swallowtail is tricky and the wax cooled speedily!


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