Waxing Up


I’ve just cut all my bits of ribbon for the Orders and waxed them up! Having used the Fiance’s giant lighter to melt the wax and dip the edges in, I soon found this tiring for mass production and got annoyed about frequently burning my thumb. So I came up with a different scheme, which worked excellently: I placed some wax in a low, slope-sided ramekin dish and stood the dish in a pan of hot water, such that the water came halfway up the side of the ramekin dish and heated it on the hob. The wax melted, and I was able to dip the edges of the ribbons in the bowl of hot wax.


I took it off the hot hob and turned teh fire off to do this so that steam didn’t ruin the ribbons and burn my hand, and also to ensure I didn’t boil the pan dry whilst I was concentrating on something else (because I would NEVER, never make a mistake like that…).


To make sure the swallowtail was efficiently waxed up to the centre, I folded the ribbon wonkily in half, holding it with my finger and thumb so that I could dip one side and not the other (see pic). Since the wax cools almost instantly, you can then fold it the opposite way to dip the other half in.


I arranged all my finished ribbons on the edge of the (recently cleaned) work surface whilst I was doing this so that the soft wax wouldn’t seal against the surface so that it would form an oddly-shaped face when I peeled it off.

Also, look at my many many ribbon!



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