Guides For Brides

I have just been on Guides for Brides to leave a review for Gavin Mack and realised this is where we originally found Wrightons caterers as well! I knew we’d found them on this kind of site, but I didn’t know it was this one. Somewhere along the line… maybe that wedding fayre we stuck our noses into… or one of the many venues we contacted and sent us leaflets through the post… or the Town Hall, perhaps? …somewhere along the line, anyway – we picked up a Guides for Brides magazine, and I chopped it up and stuck some of it into a scrap book of our progress in wedding planning (no, not an inspiration board: I really don’t go for that kind of thing: I am a list maker). But their website we clearly found useful.

I was pleased to see both are on the first page of the Oxfordshire section too, and since these two suppliers are so very very recommended by me, I can only recommend Guides for Brides by default. So I thought I’d mention it. Just in case.


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