Making Things Hairy

I think tiaras are silly. No, you are not a princess. Even for a day. Get a grip! Headbands/side tiaras, however, I can understand, although they are Not My Thing.

And since I am DIY-obsessed, I thought I’d share the idea of making your own. This is actually something I considered, but I couldn’t tell whether it would work out not without outlaying capital, and I am more frugal than I am creative – or at least I hope so. I also didn’t have a distinct idea what I wanted, despite a collection of “idea” photographs. I quite like little pins, and hair combs (which would not have worked with my hair plan) or hair vines.

Like these.




(Images are linked to sources)

You might have guessed that I am not a planning board kind of person. I like my ideas in lists with compison of prices and appearance pictures, rather than selecting one photo of each thing which is conveniently in my colours.

Perhaps I might’ve had a go at making my own hair accessories had I any idea that I wasn’t a lone madwoman in this enterprise, and that you didn’t have to be a professional jeweller to do this kind of thing. Well, I supposed you didn’t, but I’ve only ever made earrings before, which is not remotely similar.

I recently found this post on the forum I frequent. And I went:

Because this kind of advice from NEBride was just what I wanted. So in case anybody else needs it – buy your tiara/headband/hair comb/hair vine DIY kit at and read the poster’s advice about shiny bits which work. I especially liked these tips –

[W]ire (0.4mm for wrapping pearls/crystals around the band, or creating sprays/twisted branch type things). Some wire cutters would be handy so you don’t wreck scissors.

Glass pearls are far more affordable than real ones. Swarovski crystals/pearls are the most popular as they are great quality and the crystals very sparkly, but Preciosa crystals are a slightly cheaper alternative, and cheaper glass crystals can be really nice too. Diamante can be more difficult to work with than crystals.

And to finish on a high note:

Good luck with it, I can’t wait to wear something I’ve made myself for my wedding and I’m sure you’ll feel the same!


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One response to “Making Things Hairy

  • smartiebabie

    I like tiaras and headbands. I just think I’d like to wear something that I’ve never worn before and may never wear again. I frequent the YAYW forum too, and you can get so much amazing advice on there. I’m glad you’ve found the advice you needed on how to create your own hair accessories. I hope you post your journey on here for us all to read.

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