Soupathon I

I’m not exactly dieting us for the wedding, but I’ve recently started a SOUPATHON. This basically means eating lots and lots of soup. The aims of the project are twofold: 1) to try out lots of yummy soup recipes I haven’t done before (mostly using my women’s institute soup book) and 2) healthy eating, cutting down on bread and cheese and having vegan dinners where possible. Obviously we are not only eating soups for dinner, but lots of them.

Here are the first 5.

Spicy Carrot Soup

My mum’s recipe.

Lightly fry some chopped onion and carrots in oil, then pour over plenty of stock, adding salt, pepper and paprika/cayenne pepper. Blend when the carrot is soft. Ideal served with sour cream.

Spicy Tomato Bean Soup

I made this soup up.

For this soup you can use various beans. I think I use kidney and chickpeas mostly. First, lightly fry a few onions (and maybe some sweet pepper), then add a tin of tomatoes, plenty of stock, tomato puree, Henderson’s relish, salt, black pepper and cayenne pepper. It’s also good with finely diced bits of potato or other lumps of veg! Make sure the veg is soft and the liquid is reduced to a thick gloop. A bit of sugar and wine vinegar enhance the taste.


This recipe comes from my wonderful World Vegetarian Classics recipe book.

To make it, soften some sliced red onion and green sweet pepper in oil, adding garlic for NO MORE THAN 2-3 MINUTES before you pour on the water. If you cook garlic for longer than this it burns and you fuck up all the goodness as well as the flavour. The garlic should just turn “fragrant” before you put the water in. It really, really annoys me that most people burn their garlic.

With the water, add stock, loads of tomato puree, red wine vinegar, sugar, a little extra salt and the rest of the veg: kidney beans, diced potato, strands of carrot, diced beetroot and finely chopped cabbage.

This is particularly nice served with cruitons, if you want to be naughty. I measure everything by taste and look.

Pea and 3-Cabbage Soup

This recipe is from my Women’s Institute soup book.

It involves cooking some cabbage and peas in butter, and then adding stock and seasoning. The women’s institute recipes are all beautifully simple, whilst still healthy and delcious.

However, I couldn’t resist complicating things…

So I added three types of “cabbage”: green cabbage, red cabbage and pak choi. Because our veg box has been bringing us lots of cabbage recently! I also added a touch of Henderson’s relish for yumminess, and because we were out of stock I used veggie gravy granules and lemon juice instead, which worked well.

The book suggests blending the peas separately, but the Fiance thought it looked pretty as was, so we ate it as was.

Leek and Fennel Soup

Again, another one from the institute.

Chopped leek and fennel bulb are softened in margarine, then masses of flour is dumped in and the whole lot is cooked in stock with salt and pepper and so on. I also added some ground almonds, which act as a thickener and work really well with some green flavours – especially spinach (I will be making a spinach soup very soon). I also couldn’t help myself putting a bit of dessicated coconut, to add that sweeter touch to the recipe and bring out the contrast between the leek and fennel.

I then blended the whole caboodle.

This is a very fragrant soup using the fennel, even though there are no otehr herbs or spices (except what’s in the stock). I’m not that much of a fan of leek and potato, which I find too glutinous, but this was yummy – and very filling!


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