Facing Up to Things

Okay, so I’ve posted some fairly analytical/informative things recently, and now it’s time for something deeply unprofound.

Like my FACE.

So, the story goes, tomboy turns up completely in the dark about all things feminine, engages in some slapstick comedy to illustrate their beautification illiteracy and then is transformed, after which she is won over to being a girly girl and gets the man of her dreams.

Well, I already have the man of my dreams, and I’m not entirely sure I’ve been won over – compromise, I think is the word, but I bought some goop to put on my face, as Anne Fine would say.

This means I have actually developed a skincare regime, at total cost of £4. There are only 3 things in the regime, and one is irregular, because I think any more is getting kind of silly and has diminishing returns. I also think £4 is quite enough to spend to make my face the tiniest bit nicer to look at, especially as I won’t be the one looking at it and the Fiance won’t even moisturise his eyebrows.

Anyway, I use some of this exfoliator (in lavender) to make my skin all smooth:


I just had it lying around.

I think it was dirt cheap when I originally got it. Sometimes you have to buy cheap ones so that they’re not too subtle and gentle. I used it before the wedding was planned, but I do it a bit more often now. Not every day though, as I’m concerned about scraping off my face and leaving a shiny bald mask behind. Sounds unlikely, but I’ve managed it before with a piece of pumice, so don’t put anything past me. I’ve even managed to burn off some of my skin with a face cleanser in the past. I really am very good at mangling my face.

The other thing I use (almost daily; I’m a little lazy) is this shower creme, which the Fiance’s grandmother gave me at Christmas:


It’s good for cleansing, although it came with a body wash which dried out all my skin, and when I later read the bottle said not to use on the face, so apparently the face is not part of the body any more.

And now I have this:


Which retails at £9 (it’s No 7’s cheap one – and critically not anti-ageing or anything, because I didn’t want to pay for a service I wouldn’t use, although sadly I now have to with mobile phones and laptop computers), but which I got for £4 because when I asked the assistants in Boots to PLEASE HELP because I was UNABLE TO IDENTIFY FACE CREAMS ON THE SHELVES (and the Fiance was unable to help me) and knew that it had to be SPECIFICALLY FOR THE FACE – they went and gave me a £5 off No 7 range voucher good for the rest of this month, which was very nice of them, especially given I had pulled them aside to ask inane questions which a real girl should have known the answer to (face creams, by the way, rarely have the word “face” printed on their packaging! True fact!).

I also seem to have accumulated plenty of No 7’s make up, mostly for free and completely by accident, so they’re going to well on reports from me.

I’m only on day 2 with the face cream, but so far it’s had good effects and I’m happy with it. It’s also very faintly pink, so it amuses me whenever I open it. The lid, however, does not fit very well.


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