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I think it’s a bit lazy to reblog somebody else’s post, but I also like to share things I have found interesting and enjoyable.

I found this Trash the Dress post on a blog recently, and rather liked it.

Mostly I’m not fond of trash the dress photo shoots. I think the whole Boudoir-Engagement-Wedding-Trash photo fad is an excuse to make money out of people and if you like one extra bit, fine, but there should be a stopping point, and unless you’re mad about photography, I think going for all of them is excessive.

We had an engagement shoot. Really it was a practice shoot to make sure our photographer was happy with the location and the lighting and everything, but we get some lovely pictures to keep.

I also think that there’s a controvery with boudoir and trash the dress shoots in that a lot of people don’t seem to have a clear idea what the aim is, what the art is – they just want lots of pretty pictures of themselves and to feel that they’ve done everything properly.

The post I reblogged I like because it is ART. Some of the pictures I like more than others.

I think there’s nothing more beuatiful than the combination of nature and fallapart manmade things, like ruins and rundown warehouses or a rusty wheel abandonned in a field. It tells a story.

If there’s a girl in a picture, I want to find myself asking, “Who is She?” If there’s a man and a woman, I want to wonder how they met, whether they’re in love, whether they are a brother and sister, whether one owes the other something that they haven’t told. It can be cheerful and beautiful, but it should also be deep and moving, so that it lingers behind even after you have drawn your eyes away.

I don’t get that from a picture of someone swimming underwater in a wedding dress. Or covered in mud or paint, as a lot of trash the dress shoots do. These I tend to feel are more about doing the trashing than doing the photos (so why pay someone to do professional photos?) – more about the relief of, after being perfect for a day, really letting loose, sodding the expense and just having a good time. Which is what I think the wedding reception should achieve, and if it doesn’t, fails.

(not that I think you should aim to trash your dress at a wedding reception, but I feel that you should be able to dance drunkenly, gorge yourself on cake and burp loudly if you need to – afterall, you’re married now!)

One bride from the forum calling herself If4ct decided to share pictures from her trash the dress with a horse shoot. The beautiful thing here was that it was also a learning experience for the photographer on how to picture a horse well. The project was about sharing the excitement of the wedding and her enthusiasm for horseriding. It’s an exploration in art and experiences.

These photos are from Dream Day Photography.

In the end, it all depends on taste, but I think in the case of some trash the dress shoots the parties have got carried away with “that’s what you do” rather than assessed what they really hope to get out of the exercise and what kinds of pictures really do it for them. I find cherish the dress shoots even more frustrating, and don’t even get me started on boudoir shoots! I will merely direct you to this very sane and opinionated discussion and throw this quote from the comments out there:

[H]ere’s the thing – I’d never have bought a boudoir shoot, but I won in a general contest (I’d have preferred a free full-photo package for the wedding, but oh well.) So, since I have this free session I thought I may as well have fun with it. But it’s hard to figure out the fun when it’s this weird bridal THING now.

I hate what I see in most boudoir stuff around the weddingweb (and I hate that it’s so public, ick), and I hate hate HATE the idea of boudoir FOR men (which is what I tried to say, ish) but I like the IDEA of boudoir-for-self. And I like the idea of playing with style and clothes and makeup without screaming LINGERIE AND CHEAP SEX AND SEXYFACE PHOTOS. But trying to get at that cool “self” part and not the engagement-y bridal beast part of it is hard.

And you may also like to give this thread a read (if you’re going to read it, read all of it).


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