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Just like almost everything else in our wedding, my make up is going to be DIY. In fact, it never occured to me to hire a make up artist, partly because I wouldn’t trust them (experts tell me they know best; I don’t understand and don’t like saying no: I frequently get hair cuts I don’t like) and partly because why on earth would I want a stranger leering over me on my wedding day???

It’s also an expense. I’d rather invest in some nice make up and teach myself how to use them well, with the aid of YouTube videos. It’s skills acquisition, and I love skills acquisition.

My inspiration for my eye make up came from this rather crumpled face torn from an old copy of the Telegraph (not my Telegraph – my grandparents’ Telegraph; we do not get the Telegraph!).


I wanted to use brown for my eyes, as it’s a simple, natural colour which suits me, and which I have a lot of, although actually I have new set of No 7 brown eyeshadow colours because my grandma got it free from somewhere. It’s compact and easy to carry around, and the colours are right, so I was very pleased with it.

On the other hand, I noticed that it has a pretty glittery glimmer to it, that makes me think it’s for evening wear. But I don’t care: if I can’t be over glamorous on my wedding day, when can I? I’m also not too convinced that anybody will really notice this kind of detail!

To go with this is a little sponge, but I also invested a whole £1.99 in a set of 4 small paintbrushes from the Works for applying make up, and later to use for painting. You don’t actually need to buy proper make up brushes, and these do the job fine.

The mascara and eyeliner I wanted to be brown too, for a softer look from usual, and they would absolutely have to be waterproof. I am taking no chances.

I bought some make up from Boots, but they didn’t have a mascara which was both brown and waterproof – in the end, my mum found me some. It’s also No 7, but I don’t like the brush, so I am using up some Maybelline black mascara so that I can wash the brush and use it to apply the brown No 7 mascara nicely. It’s all sussed.

Eyeliner came from ebay, and is called “Laval Brown Kohn Twist Up Eye-Liner Waterproof” according to my receipt. It’s a twisty pen one, great for not smashing it on travel, and again, waterproof. I did find the brown a little light, and was in danger of making my eyes look a bit red, so when I applied it I touched up the lower rim of the eye with a little liquid black liner at the base of the lashes. I can’t tell you what brand it is, though, I’m afraid, as I’ve had it about 10 years and the name has all but rubbed off.

These are the tools:


which is, to me, a vast quantitity of make up!

I started by applying the white eyeshadow right up to the eyebrow, which I plucked in advance, then lighter browns over the lid of my eye using the sponge supplied. These are techniques I learnt from a large number of Youtube videos!


On the day I will also be using a lightener as a base, which is one of the things I got from my raid on the Body Shop (I use the lightest colour) and is to highlight eyebrow bones and soften under the eyes and around the nose, just to reduce some redness. I was also thinking of underlaying with a little bit of primer (No 7’s), which I took from a sample in Boots! A bit cheeky, I know, but I will never use it again, so only want enough for one wear.

Next on my eye I outlined the rim and the deep bit where the lid meets the brow bone with the darkest brown and using one of my new brushes. I put a dash of white near the corner of the eye to highlight it, and also brushed some dark brown over my eyebrows. I’m crazy about eyebrows. I want Audrey Hepburn eyebrows!

The eye is finished off with the liners and mascara. And here it is.


I think the pictures look a little dodgy in such close up!


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One response to “Aye Eye – tags

  • thebitchybride

    So pretty! I’m planning to do my own too and I’m really not great at being a girl, so I definitely need to hit YouTube.

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