Ladies and Gentlemen, let me present…

…The New Mr and Mrs FW!
Mr and Mrs FW
The New Mrs and Mr FW
Mr FW and the New Mrs FW
The Newlyweds

Being a grammar nazi has really caught up with me this time. You see, on our form for the registrars it asks at the end how we’d like to be announced. And I really, really don’t know.

I want it to be correct grammatically, but I don’t want it to look like I’m trying to make a feminist point – using our marriage politically. On the other hand, I don’t want to conform to the traditional just because that’s what you do. I need a better reason. And all the different ways of announcing us of which I can think have a problem in some way or other…

The Fiance is not newly Mr FW. His name hasn’t changed – but mine has.
Mr is supposed to come before Mrs, so doing it the other way round looks deliberate.
Mr and the New Mrs makes Mr sound less important.
There is already a Mr and Mrs FW in the audience (his parents) so adding “new” or similar is needed to differentiate.
If you don’t use our names, is it really an announcement?

I’m kinda tempted to just tell them to announce us however they want, and then it won’t be our fault how badly it turns out. Apparently Mr and Mrs Fishy is not an option *sad face*.


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One response to “Ladies and Gentlemen, let me present…

  • thebitchybride

    This is not something that had even occured to me yet, and now it’s going to bug me as much as you. I’d like to say “The new Mr and Mrs” works because, although he’s not a new Mr, you are new as a pair, so being able to say “Mr and Mrs” is new. But I see where you’re coming from. 😦

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