What a Cal!

So, I decided to find out how many calories I actually eat, since I’m supposed to be eating well for the wedding and all that. I’ve never done this before, other than reading the calories on cereal packets because I like nutritional information, and checking a chocolate bar to see what size of bar ‘Girls in Love’ was referring to as a “teeny tiny little chocolate bar contain[ing] 100 calories”. I can’t even remember the answer.

I also feel a bit paranoid about this, as though by counting calories I am claiming that I am fat, and I have to hide it from people to avoid them queuing up and arguing that I’m not.

So, now I’ve written that disclaimer, I can get on to talking about numbers.

My first find of the day was that green tea recommends 1 teabag per cup and costs you 1 calorie to do this. Since I brew each teabag about 6 times, I’m sure I must have diminishing returns, so decided not to count the calories for this. I don’t drink 6 cups a day, anyway! If I have normal tea, I will count the milk.


At breakfast, I had to scale up my cereal portion because I like REALLY BIG BOWLFULS.

I’ve also calculated roughly how many calories are in my homemade cereal bars (about half of it is the toffee gluing it together!), which is 86. Seems small when I know I’m supposed to eat 2000 calories (or maybe a bit less, as I am short? But how much do I scale that by?), but then it would be so easy to eat, say, 5 or 6 gradually over the day as snacks, and that’d be a quarter of my allowance!


The Fiance weighed a banana and orange for me, because ours are all really small, and I wanted accurate calories for mine.

This does kinda mean that today I have just eaten cereal and fruit. Maybe I will make up my calories with PIZZA for dinner (we don’t have cheese in). I’m supposed to make soup. Veggie burgers would be nice. Made from kidney beans, sweetcorn and peas, with a massive dollop of creme fraiche and a large, flat, grilled mushroom. I wonder if we have any potatoes?

1415 calories to go!

I like this game.

And for motivation for anybody trying to seriously lose weight, I direct you to “Shedding for the Wedding”!


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