Cal 2 – Well, a Few More than 2…

In case you were interested in an update I ate a shocking 1395.5 calories (um…. what???) on breakfast, lunch and dinner!

So I then had a bit of chocolate and a few drinks to make it to 1730.5. Lunch was small, but for dinner I made veggie burgers and potato wedges, which were very greasy, although done in the oven rather than fried. I was stuffed. I’m actually pretty shocked how what seems like an indulgent meal comes out so low compared with the recommended amount. We’ll see how today looks, anyway!

I worked it all out very, very carefully, weighing almost everything, which was very boring. you can even work out my burger recipe.

Today I had another burger for lunch, with coleslaw inside it, but I had a different breakfast cereal. This is 735 calories (a bit more than yesterday’s 585 by the same time). Then for dinner we had cheese, crackers, crisps and salad with homemade salsa. Yummy. And you know what, that’s 1056 calories, bring me to 1847 today for a SALAD – but nearly 400 of that was the crisps alone!!! So kids, don’t eat crisps, they’re naughty.


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