Raising an Eyebrow

I’ve been doing some research on eyebrows. I don’t think most people feel the need to do something new and exciting to their eyebrows, even if they go to a salon, but I love eyebrows. One of my lecturers had such amazing eyebrows, thick and fluffy, grey, with a black tendril at the very tip which stuck vertically upright – that this is all I can remember from his lectures. And I think he was a pretty good lecturer too – but his eyebrows just totally distracted me.

I’ve always loved Audrey Hepburn’s eyebrows. I think they’re amazing, expressive, beautiful and specifically not dainty. I would love to have eyebrows like hers.




I have also recently discovered Kimberley Williams-Paisley, an actress who now has perfectly fashionable, shaped eyebrows but, when she was younger and acted in ‘Father of the Bride’ 1991, had much thicker, more expressive eyebrows. And I LOVE these.




Just need to work out how to make my eyebrows like these…


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One response to “Raising an Eyebrow

  • thebitchybride

    As a brunette way too lazy to spend hours plucking and way too wimpy to allow anyone to thread me, I truly appreciate this celebration of the non-dainty brow. Thank you!

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