A Gift or Two

It’s been a very sunny last couple of weeks, and the Fiance and I have spent much of our time out of doors, as has our cat, which is great, because we had started worrying that she was getting chubby.

And just as we’ve been lounging round on the ratio, the Fiance’s godmother (who is coming all the way from Malta for our wedding) got in touch to say she wanted to buy us an extra gift list gift, because our list was too modest(!).

So we ummed and ahhed, and then told her about the garden table and chairs we had our eye on…


So she sent a cheque. Enough for TWO ourdoor tables and chairs – and told us to spend the rest on wine.


The Fiance went straight to the Wine Society’s site and ordered us a case, 6 reds, 6 whites, because we’ll want plenty of white through the hot, hot summer.


We originally saw the table and chairs in Homebase, but it was last season’s and they weren’t getting it back in. Argos had it, but it was out of stock, so the Fiance set up notifications for when it came back. It came back on Saturday, he bought it, and on Monday the wine and then the table and chairs arrived in a giant flurry.


We’ve been trying to hold off opening gifts, but the Fiance couldn’t resist setting up the table and chairs, so I came home to see them balanced prettily on the patio (seat cushions to follow).


And then we sat outside and had wine (in the Fiance’s birthday glasses) and sweetener-buns with my mum’s homemade plum jam and masses of stag do squirty cream.



I want to open the rest of the gifts already! They’re taking over the library as it is…


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