Unconventional Bouquets

Flowers are nice, but people are beginning to realise that they don’t have to have flowers. And they can still have decorations – bouquets, buttonholes, corsages and table decorations. In fact, the world is swimming with ideas. I once came across a rather awesome website where the seller made little model boats, musical instruments and others for unconventional buttonholes, but unfortunately I didn’t keep the link.

Here are, however, some more of the ideas I have been encountering, many of these homemade by some of the Lovely Ladies from the forum.


Feather table displays gradually morphed into feather bouquets and buttonholes. …And here are a few from MrsSmileyJuly’s cave wedding:



I’ve also seen peacock feathers, grooms with feather buttonholes and feather adornments to other kinds of handmade non-flower bouquets. Like these…

Brooch Bouquet

This particular one was made by Tarnya. I’ve seen quite a few, but the thing I like about this one is the little watch hidden amongst the brooches, which immediately makes me think of Alice in Wonderland’s white rabbit – and amuses me when tied in to the bride’s attire – afterall, it is her peroragtive to be late, isn’t it?


Pom poms

I’ve been on the blog of one of my own blog followers. I don’t follow her, but occasionally pop over to see what she’s been up to. I can preview the titles of her latest posts on my own blog, so it’s really rather like having an index. “Smartie” has been working on her pom pom bouquet, pom pom wrist corsage and pom pom buttonholes… which she makes using a fork!

Here are just a few of her images.





Notably, she’s also been looking into other forms of alternative bouquet

Pin Wheel Buttonholes

Toni has been a very creative bride with her red and sky blue theme, doing lots of DIY. Especially of note is her pin wheel theme, which runs through some of the decorations and onto her groom’s buttonhole:


Button Bouquet

Toni even managed to tie pin wheels in to her felt flower and button bouquet – here are some pictures of her progress:





Apparently this might have cost more than an actual flower bouquet, so if you’re thinking of DIYing a bouquet, remember to think it out carefully first – it’s a labour of love, but mightn’t work out cheaper!


These images are from google.



This latter picture I found after Rowan told me that her groom was having two chillies, two thistles and a black baccara rose in his buttonhole!


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