The Wedding Affair

“The Wedding Affair” keeps popping up on facebook, and I have to say I’m not entirely sure what it is.

But it has pretty pictures.

Their description says,

Designer Wedding Fairs in the most exceptional, historical and beautiful venues in Yorkshire. Specialising in creating beautiful weddings that fuse style, individuality and fun

And one of my friends has liked them, so I assume they’re alright.

This isn’t an advertisement for them, but I want to share some of the pictures I found on their site, as they are quite inspirational, and feel that it is proper to link you to their source and explain how I came about them. I also think their name is pretty cool.

I’m not especially into pictures of brides or venues, but these ones caught my eye as stunners:

It’s not the dress or the bridal-ness, but the girl herself who catches my eye. The picture is deep. It’s not unhappy, but it’s not celebratory. It’s patient. It’s a picture about waiting. I love that.

More in my line of things, there is also THIS picture:

Which I love because it’s a car kind of like ours, and it makes me think about photos with the car, and climbing on the car for photos (I’ve seen a few brides doing this and it’s awesome – and I love climbing!). Maybe I will have to be good and do something more like “leaning”, but it won’t be the shoes or the dress which stop me (another plus on the non-white bridal gown).

And… pretty suits!

I also think this is hilarious. It’s like she has a big white disc stuck in the back of her head.

My final “oooh look” image is this one:

I thought it might be inspirational for decor – not just for brides and grooms, but also for those running wedding events. If I saw a stall like this, I would definitely want to go over and talk. The diffrences in heights, the non-pink colour scheme with the bizarre Cath Kidson touch is intriguing. They also seem to have so MUCH. And mirrors, frames, lamps and candles are very popular wedding decor, so the whole effect is very much “We do what you want” rather than “You want what we do”. It’s attractive. And I still want ideas for something tall on my ceremony table.

On the other hand, the picture is a bit grey and naff. I’m quite aware that semi greyed out photos are really popular at the moment, especially for outdoors American weddings, and I hate it. I think it looks like you’re trying to make your photographs worn out and crappy looking. Like your photographer couldn’t handle the lighting conditions.

Worse, I find myself squinting at photos like this (again from the Wedding Affair):

It reminds me of deep fog, or the evening, during that grey period between day and dusk, when everything starts to lose it’s colour and become difficult to see, but there is still light. I feel I am being forced not to see, something is concealed, that there is orange dust everywhere and I need to wash. I wish people would stop proudly posting these kinds of images as a new trend in photography. I don’t want to squint at my wedding photographs!

And here’s another photo I didn’t like. I just found the skin colour contrast… disturbing.


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