Awesome Confessions

Today I discovered Cheryl Texiera, Confessions of a Bride-to-Be. She is totally awesome.

Know why? Because she is funny, truthful and says some of the less acceptable things that I’ve been coming out with. Here’s her introduction:

I especially love her hair extensions piece. Apparently, the bigger the event, the more you shouldn’t look like yourself. I’ve raised this issue with future brides before, only to be told that that’s the point.

Whose point???

Same goes for perfume. You have to buy a new one for the day so you smell different. Yeah, I get the cute thing about the smell reminding you of your wedding day thereafter, but if you have a signiature scent, there’s a reason for having it, right? It’s you. And surely on your wedding day you want to scream of “You”, yeah? You want to celebrate your identity because it is for who you both are that you love each other and have come together, isn’t it? Wrong. You’re a princess, you’re transformed. You’re anything but you. You have to wear makeup and clothes you would never normally wear, in colours you don’t wear, you have to have eyelash extensions and hair extensions because otherwise you will look shitty in the photographs and the world is labelled with must-haves and essentials which you’d never heard of before, like microabraison, universal contour wrap, primer and makeup artists.

Oh, and you must receive a compliment on all of these things, otherwise you will be disappointed and feel you should have tried harder and spend harder.

To say it drives me insane would be a bit of an understatement. Why can’t you have a wonderful party, look your best and have amazing fun? How is that “less”?

Anyway, here she goes:


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