The Lion Synthesis

My hair really hates being curled. It fights back.

My mum had a go with some straighteners recently, but since then she updated to “better” straighteners which no longer curl my hair. After our friend Hilary had a go with several kinds of curlers and straighteners, she decided the best way to proceed was to coat my lucious locks in shitloads of holding mousse and hairspray, and twist them into tiny little knots.

After half an hour, the curls which came out were trying to drop (but we’ll do them the night before the on the wedding day), but I looked like a lion, RAR!

So now we have a plan.


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One response to “The Lion Synthesis

  • Cora Passchier

    you need to curl each bit in a different direction to hold better, when it is all curled in the same direction so the twists sit the same, it makes the hair hang heavier and drop, hairdresser gave me this tip, and it’s worked wonders so far, so first I twist away from my face and then twist towards my face on the next bit and continue to take it in turns all the way around… worth a try 😀

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