The Healing Powers of Plants

6 weeks before the wedding and great – my wrist blisters up again.

This seems to be an occupational hazard associated with chemistry. I work with irritant substances – and the most likely place to get them on my skin is my wrists: my lab coat cuffs rub against my nitrile gloves, getting irritant all over them, and then I stretch out my arm and my cuff rubs against my bare skin.

I only ever have problems on my left wrist, because I wash my hands afterwards and get rid of any lingering contaminants… but some of it will still get caught under my watch strap. I will keep putting the watch on and notice nothing for a day or two – and then suddenly my wrist will start itching, and I look down to see a ring of chemical burns…

Pretty, isn’t it?

I can take my watch off, apply lots of vaseline/savlon/burn cream and wait, and it will go away, but eventually the problem recurs when I put the watch back on (and I need to keep track of time when I’m running experiments).

However, I’ve recently found something which can accelerate the healing process. And she’s been sitting right there on our window sill…

This is Evelyn the aloe vera. My granddad gave her to me because his own aloe vera was getting rather large – and my grandma told me that you can use them to help take down swelling. You just tear off the end of a leaf and sqeeze the jelly/liquid stuff out.

I tried some of this on my wrist and it’s good. I’ve been able to wear my watch and still slowly heal up my arm (though mostly I’ve wearing the watch higher up the arm so that it doesn’t aggravate the injury). I have applied aloe vera to my wrist, to my watch, and to some other cuts and scrapes. She’s good. She’s much better than most things you can buy in the shops. And she hardly needs watering at all!


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