My Trousseau

My mum really wanted to get me a trousseau of summer clothes to take away on honeymoon, so she got me drunk and whipped out this catalogue, asking me to choose the ones I like. I decided I’d play, randomly pointing out things I liked, under the impression she would be buying one or two of them…

So yesterday, a package arrives with 3 summer skirts and 3 summer dresses in it.

The plan was try lots of things, send back what I don’t like. So I modelled for the Fiance, and he took some pictures.

Iris enjoyed herself immensely.

Flying chat!

I’m certainly not keeping all of these, especially not the orange dress, which has sequins all over it (ugh!), so my mum suggested I have another peek at Joe Browns online and exchange a few things. I have these in mind:

Germany here we come!


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