Playing Chicken

It was my hen do on Saturday. I won’t bore you with the details, but basically due to a lot of last minute drop outs it was a very male-dominated hen do!

We had malteasers, nibbles and champagne, went for afternoon tea at the Birmingham museum Edwardian Tea Room and then got into fancy dress. The evening’s entertainment was wild animals with Simon the BEAST MAN followed by cocktails and the Cosmo Challenge with Luke the barman (he was working for Zest Mixology that night, but also works for himself where he can be more flexible). And then we danced. Apparently with a green mankini.

There are tons of photographs on my camera alone, so this is a very slim selection (and misses many moments!).


(my lovely mum and godmother)

Fancy dress


My best man, reunited with his fairy wings:

Tigger, the pirate and the fairy:

And even little Iris wearing a vinyl bowtie, carefully camoflaged against her fur.

Wild animals


Giant rat:

(I LOVE rats – I used to breed them. This one had such tiny eyes, and was really sleepy!)

HEDGEHOG (albino):

Tarantulas… not so fond. But both me and my mum dared to hold them.


And turquoise under UV light:



Stick insect:




(can you spot the gecko?)



The bar and our barman:

The drinkers (and a Berry Collins in the foreground):

Making the drinks:


Cosmo challenge:

And non-alcoholic version:


And the mankini:


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