Just Like Christmas

What do you love about Christmas? Everybody loves something. There’s no wonder that after your traditional pretty summer weddings where all the girls get their legs out the next most sought after theme is the winter “Christmas” wedding. I’ve seen all sorts – Christmas cake and Christmas trees and baubles and green and red and gold tartan (and the boys with their legs out).

Me, I like the anticipation, the build up to Christmas, the waiting, expecting and planning for it (oh, and the singing moose). More so now that I’m an adult and am allowed to get involved in the planning.

And part of that? Wrapping the presents.


Exciting thing is, we not only receive lots of wedding presents, but we give lots of thank you presents. Some aren’t going to be completed until after the wedding day, and some can be given out come the 19th (but not during the speeches: I don’t like that). Obviously I’m not going to show any of them on here now, because a few people do actually have a glance at this blog, and I’d hate to ruin the surprise.

But I can talk about wrapping them! So, the Fiance and I had a little collect together of all the bits we’d sorted for presents and got out the blue paper my mum had given us…


Some of the gifts were packed into boxes and some were wrapped in bubble wrap – these have twofold functions of protecting a present which doesn’t come in its own padding and disguising it’s shape. Bubble wrap is espectially good for concealing noises too, in case the recipient tries to guess their present by waving the thing around (not the safest ideas, but it always works with malteasers). If I give a gift in a box, I try to find a box which either came from the person the gift is designed for originally, or has some meaning to them. I only succeed about half the time, as most people do not have connections to cardboard boxes.

Here is me with the bubble wrap:



I also had to perform a few tricky manoeuvres with paper folding – I know, I know: it is the most sophisticated art in the world – because of oddly shaped presents. This happens to me a lot, luckily, so I was able to do it neatly enough. I’m not quite a Japanese T-shirt folder, though.


Agh! It has a beak!

*wrestles it to the ground*




And here are some of our lovely wrapped-up labelled-up pressies, sitting on our library tea-table. In the background you will see boxes containing our cake stand, some balloon trees in the “wedding cupboard”, and our chat.



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