In terms of weddingy bits, the bank holiday helped and my lab-organised trip to Sheffield me out. I now have all our wedding balloons for the balloon trees. Hurray!

You may remember the story from our last attempt to buy balloons – then again, you may not. The gist of it was that the boy in Card Factory was so thick that he couldn’t tell us the shelf life of an uninflated balloon, possibly because he had never himself bought a balloon and then not inflated it immediately, and thus it had never occurred to him that a busy person might want to do this. We did attempt explanation multiple times.

The end result was, we didn’t buy the balloons.

So I went to Card Factory in Sheffield.

I didn’t exactly go to it. I was walking home to see my mum and suddenly went “THIS IS THE SAME SHOP” ran inside and located the balloon rack (mercifully, they are usually close to the door: I dislike going inside card shops almost as much as I dislike going inside fragrant shops like Lush: they all give me a headache). They only had 3 packets of blue balloons (we need 12 of each, and coming in packs of 6, we bought 3 packs of each, just in case one of our ushers has sharp fingernails) – so I felt very smug.

Now they’re all ready to go into the ceremony set up pack and transform into pretty balloon trees. Or so we hope!


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