Finishing Touches

My last resort at girly bits:

I’ve never worn so much make up before in my life! Although… there are lots of things, but I will only be using a little of each.

I laid them out in order of use, so, from left to right:

1. Primer (in a little lip salve tin)
2. Lightener for round my eyes, nose, lips, et cetera
3. Powder, just to lightly dust my face (I do not want to end up looking like a vampire)
4. Blusher and eyeshadow, with lots of brushes
5. Lipliner and sharpener
6. Lipfinity lasting lip stuff and gloss coating
7. Eyeliners (I have a brown waterproof one and a black liquid one just to add the smallest touch of extra dimension but not darken my eyes too much)
8. Waterproof mascara (I also have a little extra brush, but since I took it from another mascara bottle and had to clean it first, it was drying when this picture was taken)
9. Lip gloss

Some of these will be sneaked into my little bag for touch ups during the day. Mostly lip stuff, I am sure. All that eating and drinking I was planning…


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