Getting it Together

I can’t believe how long it took me to gather up everything from the wedding cupboard, pack it up, and tesselate it into the suitcase. An age.

We decided to use the big suitcase for packing up wedding stuff and the small one for honeymooning. Luckily, the seating plan on its board fitted perfectly in the back/bottom of the big suitcase, so that was verily that.

For the catering, I made up all our table packs (name cards, menus, decorations) into little packs, printed off seating plans and dietary lists and put them into a folder, then I packed the whole caboodle up into two Abel and Cole organic veg box boxes.

This took up a lot of suitcase.

A third Abel and Cole box holds the ceremony room set up/decorations lot.

Oh, and then there’s these…

Our cake stand. Which definitely doesn’t fit in the suitcase. Good job we have a helper…

Seriously, I can’t understand how people can carry any more. I know they have cars, but with large table decorations, ridiculously overloaded honeymoon packing, vast quantities of hair and makeup products… how it is not a massive stress and completely not worth it?

I don’t envy the friends who will be bringing home the leftover wine, presents, and much of this stuff…


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