I know I don’t “do” girly things and grooming, but I do do supplements. What do you mean by that? Well, I mean minerals and vitamins, energy tablets – brain activity boosters when I’m revising for exams – anything natural and simple which helps you a little. I do green tea for energy, health and weight reduction; when I feel travel sick I suck mints; when I have a cold I chew airways gum and use minty nasal inhalers; and when I have a sore throat I drink chamomile tea with honey.

They work. And most of these things are as simple as swallowing a pill, or nice to eat or drink anyway, so it’s no loss if they’re not as effective as you hope. They don’t cure you, they alleviate, but they do it well. Afterall, isn’t all medicine based on natural finds? Quinine in bark, digitalin in foxgloves, laxatives in rhubarb… All of that.

It also feels healthier and more natural to eat something which you can eat without it being a ‘medicine’. I like to top up on my spinach (iron), citrus (vitamin C helps absorb iron), garlic (selenium) and bananas (vitamin B12) in general, because these foods make me feel good. In truth, I’m quite sensitive and can feel a lot of difference eating them – but they still do everyone the same good.

RE the wedding, I’ve gone back to taking my multivitamin supplements for the last week or so.

I used to take a similar one daily as a child, because my mother was worried that my fussiness might leave me undernourished. When I started uni, I bought my own and continued taking them, before realising that this was probably silly, I probably didn’t need them, and I’d keep hold for when I was going to give blood, or for whatever reason needed a boost.

I gave some to the Fiance as well, but he’s been pulling faces and saying they taste bad, which I think is a function of him not managing to swallow properly – I’ve had lots of practice. And it’s not like they’re as unpleasant tasting as paracetamols.

So today I had a little dig in the medicine cabinet to locate with these:

They’re energy tablets which you add to a pint of water, whereupon they fizz, dissolve, and produce a rather bizarrely-flavoured orange drink. They’re packed with vitamins and are advertisded to give you energy and keep you awake. I took a few before exams to give me the push to get through the slog. I’m not sure where I acquired them originally – I think I was given them, probably by my grandma. They work, the flavour is odd but not unpleasant, you get a lot of water down yourself simultaneously and a key thing – they don’t contain sugar, but use sweeteners, so are only full of the good stuff.

The Fiance was fascinated by the dissolution process.

He did this the entire time it was dissolving – and has now finished the whole drink.

Well, back to the green tea for me…


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