The Ring

Of course, I had no ring, since Guy hadn’t planned to propose – so we went shopping together. I hasten to add that I lack the shopping gene, just like my mum and my grandma, and going shopping for something as expensive and important as an engagement ring was a massive deal – I was terrified! When we paid for the one we chose, I nearly swooned.

A pair of my friends had got engaged before we did, and I had seen his engagement ring. Strangely, despite this, and despite my views on equality, it never occurred to us to get Guy a ring – why? Probably because he was never fond of jewellery, but he wanted to get me a ring – as an honour to his promise – and I was to preoccupied reeling from the shock of the proposal…

Initially I hadn’t been sure about diamonds, but that was what we kept seeing, and eventually their sparkliness captured me. We looked at several single-stone rings, but they looked so very different on my finger, and seemed to protrude hugely! I’m a practical woman, and it was clear I would need a more practical ring.

We found my ring in H Samuels – end of the line and 5 sizes too big for me. It is 9ct white gold, and I loved the three diamonds in it: it was different, but not too different, and I’ve always preferred interesting settings and finer detail.

This is the closest commercial image I could find:

And this is the real thing (this picture was taken after our marriage, obviously, as you have a sneak preview of our wedding rings – but there more is yet to tell):

It took a while for me to actually get my ring, because of it being resized, but as soon as I got it, I did what any geeky solid state chemist would do – went down to Single Crystal and mounted it on a diffractometer.

And so I actually have “evidence” that the diamond in my ring is really diamond!


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